Belfast – 1 St Andrews – 0

Maybe that’s a bit cryptic, so I’ll explain –

I’m on my way over to Northern Ireland to play the Other Voices TV show, Feb 10th. I played it once before, when it was down in Dingle, but this year it’s Derry / Londonderry. There’s a link here.

And whilst on my way I’ll be playing a show in Belfast, which is a town I’m fond of. It’ll be a duo show, myself and Emma, at McHugh’s, Friday 8th Feb. Details and tickets here.

St Andrews though eh? Well, that show’s been cancelled as the venue, the Byre Theatre, has closed. Which is sad. St Andrews doesn’t really have that many venues, especially places putting on touring shows, be it music, poetry, theatre. I used to go there as a primary school kid, to see pantomimes – and in fact, the last time I was there was with my own kids, seeing a pantomime. Ach well. The rest of the tour is going ahead, dates listed below.

Other News.

Remarkably, I will also be elsewhere on Feb 8th. Furryboots? Well, on your radio:

BBC R3 Ian McMillan presents Radio 3’s ‘Cabaret of the Word’ from Gorilla in Manchester with James Yorkston, Polar Bear and Sophie Hannah. 10.00-10.45pm. Click here

More Radio news, I recently did a show for Simple Folk Radio, where I played 80 minutes of music, of which only 20 were uilleann pipes. There’s some infohere

Ok, I think that’s it. Hope to see you at some of the shows.

A’ the very best,