Bad Jazz 7″, BEBOP 21, January 2001

For reasons we are not going to go into James started recording as J. Wright Presents, and this is the single that started it all. Bored of sitting at home, James recorded one of his songs and sent the tape off to John Peel, who promptly played it. One of the Bad Jazz music moguls heard the show, loved the song, and put out this record.The A side song is a considerably different recording of Moving Up Country to the album version, and the B- side is a great song, currently unavailable anywhere else…in the opinion of some, but none who matter, it should have been the A side. Sadly for us all, this one is sold out. Happily for us all, BAD JAZZ mogul Joff Gladwell, recently (15/1/05) found 274 of these under his bed. As a result, it is now available again, in a limited edition of 274, from the shop.You should know that this isn’t the whole story.