The High and Lonesome Blues of Tommy the Bruce

Hello all,

As you’ll probably know, as of yet I’ve had two books published – It’s Lovely to be Here – The Touring Diaries of a Scottish Gent came out in 2011, and then in 2016 I had my debut novel, entitled Three Craws. Now, I’m very pleased to be able to announce my third book – and it’s another novel – The High and Lonesome Blues of Tommy the Bruce.

So, who’s this Tommy the Bruce? Well he’s a north Perthshire loon, stuck in a damp old hotel he inherited from his father. The village they’re in has been bypassed and is slowly dying, the hotel doing the same and of course, Tommy… Well, poor Tommy is living his life in a directionless fog.

But that wouldn’t do for a book, would it? No. So, a mysterious stranger wanders into Tommy’s life and slowly, everything begins to change, not all for the better, it should be said. In fact, not really much for the better at all.

I’m happy to write that Unbound will be publishing Tommy’s story, I’m delighted they’ve shown such interest in my work – and this is the bit where you come in, for it’s a crowdfunding model Unbound work with and they and I’d be delighted if you could place a pre-order for Tommy the Bruce and help grease the wheels, bring Tommy to life on the printed page.

Unbound have set up a page for the book, with a wee video of me chatting and an extract from the novel. As ever with these things, there’s a few different levels of pledges available.

A’ the best to you and thanks in advance,