Hello everyone, very pleased to announce that Yorkston Thorne Khan‘s new album – Navarasa : Nine Emotions – is available to pre-order now, with a tour to follow. The first track we’re sharing is our version of Dick Gaughan’s version of Robert Burns’ ‘Now Westlin Winds‘. In true YTK style, we’ve mixed it with a rather beautiful song that Suhail learned from various qawwali singers at Hazrat Nizammuddin’s shrine in Delhi. A wise man told me recently it takes bravery to tackle ‘Now Westlin Winds’, since Gaughan framed it so perfectly, but if anyone has the lungs to try something new, it’s our Suhail and we’re pretty happy with the result.

We’ve an album launch show at Celtic Connections in Glasgow on Jan 22nd, then will be out on the road proper throughout March. Best to you all – JY


Available on deluxe LP – gatefold 2 x 12″ vinyl, with 3 exclusive tracks, CD – LP style wallet sleeve with inner. 


  1. Sukhe Phool
  2. The Shearing’s Not For You
  3. Thumri Bhairavi
  4. Westlin’ Winds
  5. Song for Oddur
  6. The North Carr
  7. Twa Brothers
  8. Waliyan Da Raja
  9. Darbari
  10. All Saved but One (VINYL ONLY)
  11. Jon’s Poem (VINYL ONLY)
  12. Skinfast Haven Blues (VINYL ONLY)