The Year Of The Leopard

The Year of the Leopard

James’ third full length LP for Domino Records, recorded with Paul Webb a.k.a. Rustin Man.

1. Summer Song
2. Steady As She Goes
3. The Year Of The Leopard
4. 5 AM
5. Woozy With Cider
6. I Awoke
7. The Brussels Rambler
8. Orgiva Song
9. Don’t Let Me Down
10. Us Late Travellers

“Music rarely gets more beautiful, comforting or truthful as this” – Plan B

“A masterclass of understatement & restraint” – The Independent On Sunday

“Yorkston has created an eclectic collection of gems which exceeds his own already high standards” – The List

“It’s lovely understated melodies, autumnal arrangements & warm wry lyrics are virtually imposible to shift” – The Guardian

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