James Yorkston is pleased to announce details of his new album, ‘The Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society’. Release date: August 18th 2014. Produced by Alexis Taylor, featuring Alexis Taylor, KT Tunstall, Pictish Trail, Emma Smith & Jon Thorne, with guests Rob Smoughton & Fimber Bravo.

£20 for 2×12″ (with download code), £12 for CD. 


  1. Fellow Man
  2. The Blues you Sang
  3. Sweet, Sweet
  4. Guy Fawkes’ Signature
  5. Thinking about Kat
  6. Feathers are Falling
  7. Broken Wave (A blues for Doogie)
  8. Red Fox
  9. King of the Moles
  10. Great Ghosts
  11. Sleep On
  12. Embers
  13. Honey on Thigh
  14. As Grey and as White
  15. The Very, Very  Best
  16. You & Your Sister