Venue: Comedy Store, Manchester
Date: 9th March 2003
Author: Luke Hirst

i was lucky enough to get tickets to the comedy store on march 9th 2003 an acoustic gig was planned for badly drawn boy, when i arrived to my surprise i found twisted nerve had 4 sets planned. Jane Weaver : who i wanted to see as i already owned her cd and was happily surprised she was playing , Aidan Smith : had just been signed to the label and that night i found out what the fuss was about and have since bought his record. As i looked further up the sheet JAMES YORKSTON AND THE ATHLETES, at the time i didnt know who they were ???? when James came onstage i was immediately drawn in to the music and creativity the buzz he created was amazing, the atmosphere was already special because of the event it was perfect for a twisted nerve showcase james y put the icing on the cake for Damon Gough to play a set i hadnt heard any of JY songs better for that night but i was constantly tapping my foot nodding his head throughout the set , sweet jesus been the stand out track on the evening i left the comedy store at 2 am humming sweet jesus , within a week i had bought his record and i know every word on it , i will go to see JY at any opportunity i get , his record is my favourite album i eagerly await his next release.