Produced by JY and Reuben.

  • B’s Jig
  • Tortoise Regrets Hare
  • Temptation
  • When The Haar Rolls In
  • Queen Of Spain
  • Midnight Feast
  • Would You Have Me Born With Wooden Eyes?
  • Summer’s Not The Same Without You
  • The Capture Of The Horse

For me, listening to James Yorkston’s music is like coming across the interesting-looking person on the fringes of a party. Before you know it, you’ve spent the evening listening to their compelling tale. In this record, I get a real sense that he has found his true voice. There’s a quiet confidence in his craft; his singing, the words and instrumentation, all blend seamlessly to produce a really affecting record.” – Philip Selway, Radiohead

“Amid sleepy fiddles and brooding harmoniums, these bleary love-drunk dispatches – especially the startling spectre-rattle of Midnight Feast and the swelling autumn mist of The Capture of the Horse – rank among the most breathtaking by anyone this year” 5/5 The Times