Lang Cat, Crooked Cat, Spider Cat

(Picket Fence)

“So, here’s my 2nd, and the Athletes 1st Picket Fence. It was pretty easy, really, we just set up our gear and played. We did two evenings, then I took the tapes home and mixed & edited them. I’m no good at that, so excuse the lack of bass drum. I love this CD though, i’m really proud of it. We all swapped instruments and such – it’s a rare occasion I play the violin (first time was for Johnny Pictish on a BBC session), and Doogie has sworn never to lift the concertina again, though I really like what he played. Faisal’s guitar playing really amazed me, as did Reuben’s considered double-bass work. A rare recording – Reuben playing the least notes of all of us! Ah well…” JY